Sowmya & Sadagopan (Malyatha's parents)

Malyatha is always excited and looking forward to go to school each morning. We attribute this fully to the excellent environment, love and support provided by each and every one of the staff at Sattva Montesorri.

The activity-based learning helped her in developing a wide range of skills. Her teachers at the current school appreciate her academic, communication and social skills (as well as dancing) which she, clearly, developed when she was going to Sattva.

Sattva was the best start we could have possibly given to our daughter. We would like to personally thank each one of you and wish you all the best.

Yana and Devang (Jazmine's parents)

I would like to personally thank all of you for all your time, care, love and support. You have nurtured Jazzie in these early years with such wisdom and experience, I am truly grateful to all of you.

She has had a great introduction to education. I have learnt a lot, too, from all of you. I could not have asked for anything more from a pre-school. I do and will continue to recommend Sattva to others. Thank you. Best wishes.

Vandana Pandey (Akshaj's mother)

We switched to Sattva from another Montessori school and there was much confusion in our minds as we were switching Akshaj from the other school just after one year. All our doubts were put to rest when we interacted with Lilly ma’am who showed us the school and explained its teaching methodology in detail.

All the teachers are very cooperative and approachable. Akshaj excelled under their guidance. The unique way of teaching combined with periodic field trips makes it a perfect school for a child's primary years. Not only that, they have special music and kinderdance one day of week which is so much fun.

They give personal attention to each child. Akshaj used to have some fear going to school, but Lilly ma’am and Banu ma’am came home, analysed the issue and took him to school along with them and other kids for a few days. Now Akshaj looks forward to going to school every day.

We feel blessed and happy to put our child in this school.

Naresh (Bhargav's father)

It has been a great experience seeing and interacting with the little geniuses here. It just reiterates that a good start puts you right ahead in the race. We are very glad Sattva started our child's education and learning curve.

Gangadhar (Manya's father)

Today's (Open Day) events exceeded our expectations. And it is an amazing experience to see the activity and involvement by all children. I wish I had Sattva for my pre-school. Thank you, Sattva, for building my child's learning.

Shahista (Aamina's mother)

Early childhood education is so important. As I remember my schooling days, things were so different back then. Today it's a whole different attitude towards learning. I wish I had the environment that kids have today. Thank you, Sattva, for providing our little ones with the experiences they need to become their own 'person'.

Madhvi (Aarushi's mother)

I thank Sattva Montessori for giving our daughter such a wonderful nursery start. Aarushi has learnt a lot of new things and we are very pleased with the way she has progressed over this one year with the help of her wonderful teachers.

Meera Guthi (mother of Ayan)

They say fortuitous meetings are the best. I chanced upon this wonderful school, tucked away in a leafy neighborhood. I liked the informal home-like setting at once. And after I met Lilly Bhaskaran, and she explained how the school works and showed me around, I had made up my mind.

My son joined Sattva Montessori when he was two-and-a-half. He can be difficult sometimes, but the school was very co-operative and helped me ease him into the school routine. The parent-teacher interactions are very helpful as Lilly gives us many tips on how to handle children, tantrums, eating among other things. I think the varied field trips that they organize are fantastic for children, as are the singing sessions and the kinder dance classes. The teachers are very friendly and really know how to teach and handle kids.

I have only one regret. I wish I had known about Sattva earlier. My older child would have definitely enjoyed being here.

Bharvi (mother of Pari)

I have only good things to say about Sattva. I think that Sattva was the best thing to have happened to Pari at that time. She grew from an unsure toddler to a confident little girl in the 2 years that she spent there. I so wish she could be there for just a bit longer. However, Sattva has provided her with a foundation good enough to get her into the next school easily.

She developed good communication skills, and social skills in Sattva -- just what a 2.5 year old needs. My best wishes to Sattva and to the staff.

Naveen Kumar Varadaraj (father of Mythreya)

After joining Sattva Montessori, there was a remarkable improvement in Mythreya’s behaviour, her English speaking and understanding skills, reciting and socializing with other children. She looks forward to going to school every day and enjoys playing with the toys available in the school. She is very fond of coloring. We are very happy that we have chosen the right school for our daughter and thank all the staff for the efforts put to educate our child.

Snekalatha Eashwar (mother of Shreya)

The first school experience of my daughter Shreya with Lilly is a memorable one. It is memorable not only for her, but also for me. The environment and the way the teachers handled the kids so well that Shreya still cherishes the days she spent there in Sattva Montessori. She still remembers her teachers and recollects her memories in Sattva.

She started late to write, but thanks to the efforts of the teachers there, she picked it up fast. She is doing very well at reading. Celebrating all the festivals in the school made them recognise and remember the identity of every festival in its original form.

Thanks, Lilly, for the wonderful education you have supported us with in all ways, including discipline.

Usha & Bala (Dave's parents)

Dave is a naughty boy but he loved going to Sattva from the start! He learned a lot from the mistakes he made at school and to our delight he has become all the more confident, especially with his communication skills. He interacts well with other children of his age and is sharp with his reasoning. We, as parents, are happy for his roots being from Sattva. He always remembers this beginner school and we remain grateful for the special attention given by the teachers.

Vidya Senthil

I am very happy to choose Sattva Montessori for my son. He learned a lot and also developed his language communication. He is very attached to the friendly teachers. We were impressed with the excellent teaching and the cleanliness of the school. They celebrate all the festivals and teach the children the significance of these occasions. My son also enjoyed the field trips. Actually for the past one-and-a-half years, I didn’t worry about my son, thanks to Lilly Ma’am and all other staff.

We have admitted him to another school now, but he still misses Sattva Montessori a lot.

Jennifer Adair (mother of Berkeley and Atticus)

As a professor of education and as a mother, I can say that Sattva Montessori is an extraordinary pre-school with talented and caring staff. During our time in India (18 months) both of my children attended Sattva. I was impressed with both the sophisticated teaching styles and the engaging and welcoming manner the staff worked with all of the children. Indian values are respected and valued here and my children still use meditation techniques they learned at Sattva.

In the US where we now live, both of my children are achieving among their peers. Their reading and writing skills are advanced and my son, who began Sattva at age 2 ½, is constantly praised for how much he likes to have conversations with adults. Lilly and her staff provide space and guidance for children to learn math and reading skills as well as important social skills and a respect for nature. My children's favorite part is the annual program where the children design a play and list of songs to perform for their families. Sattva is a wonderful balance of academics and warmth.

Ratheesh Babu and Chithra (Hrithik's parents)

Hrithik loves, and looks forward to, going to school every morning! Though this may sound very ordinary, I think it's testimony of the kind of friendly environment and the loving and caring faculty at Sattva. I'm sure it takes a lot from the staff to get to that kind of an "engagement" with the kids and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you!

There were a lot of positive changes in Hrithik’s behavior within a couple of weeks of joining Sattva – like eating food by himself, drinking from a cup, interacting with people without fear, taking turns, picking up his toys without us asking ...

Today, after a year, he "manages to speak" in English; can read and write the alphabet and numbers; knows colors, shapes and all the usual things that one can expect from a pre-school. I was particularly impressed that he was taught the difference between junk and healthy food and stopped asking (er… crying!) for some "junk food" at the groceries or when we go out. In a way that he can comprehend, your staff had even taught him about the digestive system, how we hear and why he shouldn't poke anything into his ears. The field trips are worth mentioning too.

We did check a couple of other places before deciding Sattva Montessori. And we are happy that we made the right choice!

While from all other places we got info on the fees, payment schedule, the number of books, teaching aids and so on, we heard something different from Sattva that instilled confidence in us. Here the focus was on the kid – instead of giving some facts, you explained to us how our son will benefit from the tools, teaching aids, books, etc. and we could feel the passion in your voice.

Thank you so much!

Naveen PV and Archana MJ (Shravani’s parents)

I can see a ray of change in Shravani today as she loves going to school every day and remembers school on Saturdays as well! There is great change in her behavior – she has become very talkative and bold. I love to hear the way she tries talking in English. Thanks so much to the staff again.

Narayanan and Saradha (Viswak’s parents)

t is very evident that Viswak has shown tremendous improvement in his skills (speaking in English, discipline, expressing his feelings, reciting the alphabet, colors, shapes, etc.), which exceeds the expectations of a pre-school. We are very happy that we have placed our son in one of the best Montessori schools in Bangalore .

I need to mention this. During the admission time, we had short-listed a few schools and one of them was Sattva Montessori. We placed our son in your school specifically because of our confidence in you. Now, I feel that we have taken the right decision and we are extremely happy with your efforts and the dedicated focus that you have always shown on our son.

By the way, we have referred your school to a few of our friends and particularly tell them about the things that are unique and show results in the child: curriculum, passion to learn, tools, teaching methods, dedicated efforts, outings, etc.

We like to take this opportunity to say “Thanks a Ton"!

Shilpu and Rakhi Kataria (Roshni's parents)

Roshni is our only child and we want to give her the best that life has to offer. We believe that Sattva Montessori is one of the best things that we got for our dear little Angel.

Roshni today believes that this school is her own with all the affection and pride. Once a 5-year old girl told Roshni that the name of her school is 'Little World' and our 30-month old kid retorted "My school BIG WORLD!

Over the months we have observed Roshni's social skills improve and that in itself makes us happy that we discovered Sattva Montessori.

We sincerely thank all the staff at Sattva Montessori for their excellent efforts in educating our child to face the BIG WORLD.

May you succeed in all your endeavours.

Seema and Deepak (Mahir's parents)

Mahir went to Sattva Montessori on a 5-month long visit from California to his grandparent’s house in Bangalore. Within a month, we noticed a substantial improvement in his social and academic skills. He started showing interest in reading, writing, and drawing skills. His ability to concentrate also improved substantially.

In an earlier pre-school in California, it was very difficult for us to get him interested in school.At Sattva, Lilly patiently discussed Mahir’s progress with us every time we met her. We are looking forward to sending our younger son to Sattva Montessori on our next long visit to India.

Meenal Ganesan (Swarna's mother)

Thank you for the care and attention bestowed on Swarna. She loves going to school and she has learnt a lot of new words, good manners and activity. Swarna has beautifully transitioned from a shy child speaking in monosyllables to a child who expresses herself confidently.

Dr. Maria Montessori

It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was.

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