Welcome to Sattva Montessori

The name 'Sattva Montessori' says itself all: To instill 'Sattva Guna" in each and every child by maintaining equilibrium, harmony, purity and clarity in education. At our "Sattva Montessori", individuality of each child is respected and valued. The school focusses on 'hands-on-approach' using scientifically designed special materials that generate creative ideas in the absorbent minds of children through their exploration of many possibilities.

Mission and Philosophy

Where Chidren Build Their Foundation for Success:

Sattva Montessori school brings to bear a refreshing approach to contemporary teaching with emphasis on 'learning- by- doing' activities to make your child independent.

Our History

Sattva Montessori is established in the year 2006 on the belief giving your child the very best of Montessori education.

The charter at Sattva Montessori is to inspire a passion for learning through their own hands which in turn leads to intellectual pursuit, self discovery and creative expression.


One of our most valuable assets is our school's classroom environment with a student teacher ratio of 10:1. Our superb teachers' extensive Montessori experience provides your child with all the skills required to turn them into independent thinkers. It is the next best place to home.

Sattva Montessori assures an apt saying by 'Maria Montessori': (italics)

The greatest sign of a success for a teacher is to be able to say,"The children are now working as if I did not exist."

Thank you for your interest in "Sattva Montessori".


Emphasis on developing language, communication, reasoning, logical and social skills.

Faculty comprises skilled teachers, experienced literacy facilitators and Special Educator.

The school is equipped with Montessori apparatus in spacious rooms.

Theme-based periodic 'Field Trips' are organized.

Sport, dance and music are integral to the curriculum.

Ample play area with various play equipments which foster physical development of children.

The school has well-stocked library and a puppet theatre.

The school fosters open communication with parents.