Welcome to Sattva Montessori

The name "Sattva Montessori" says itself all:

To instill "Sattva Guna" in each and every child by maintaining equilibrium, harmony, purity and clarity in education.

At our "Sattva Montessori", individuality of each child is respected and valued. The school focusses on 'hands-on-approach' using scientifically designed special materials that generate creative ideas in the absorbent minds of children through their exploration of many possibilities.

More About Us

Why Choose Us

Child Care

Our motto is to make each child feel comfortable and secure in the school premises. Security of children is our prime concern. Sattva Montessori provides caregiving environment. We stress on nine key concepts for ensuring child care i.e safety, health, comfort convenience, child-sized, flexibility,encouraging movement, allows for choice and ensures accessibility.

Learning & Fun

Learning is fun at Sattva Montessori. We believe in 'Experiential Learning' method for teaching kids. Whatever the children do with their hands, their brain remembers. Hands-on-approach leads to create an idea of learning through fun. With our reading, phonics, writing and math programs, our goal is to instill in the children a genuine joy of learning with a positive attitude towards and about themselves.

And to have fun !

Physical Activity

Sattva Montessori focusses on the development of the children kinesthetically. Children perform yoga, games, various exercises including aerobics etc. It is believed that kids should maintain and develop flexibility. Individual attention is given to each and every child. We focussed that each and every child should participate actively and develop himself physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually which in turn will lead to holistic development of the children.

Meet Our Qualified Teachers

Ruchika Singh
Montessori Facilitator
Montessori Facilitator
Dance Teacher